Oct 31, 2016

Gearing Up For Christmas

Here is a few pages I've got started for Christmas.  We always make a ton of treats for Friends, Family and our Neighbors.  So, I have a several sweet treats that make their appearance every single year.  But, we also like to introduce some new treasures each year too.  This year I'm going to do some bread making, both sweet and savory varieties.
The little house over on the right is just my way of being able to have a visual of what will be on our Christmas Chain.  We link together little slips of paper with activities to do as a Family.  Each morning one of the kids tear one off and we find time during the day to do whatever was written on the link.  This tradition has been going on since my oldest was tiny....along with the 12 days of Christmas.  
The last 12 days till Christmas each of the Kiddos get to open up a gift.  The gifts range from underwear/socks and handmade certificates to art supplies and small travel size products.  Each year they get an ornament, a book and a set of new PJs for sure.  All the other gifts are random.   I started this honestly when my oldest was tiny and I was a single Mom, 20 years old with very little money.  I loved finding inexpensive items or necessities like socks that I could wrap up pretty and see my little guy's face light up.  As they have gotten older I have assigned them a siblings number to make a gift for them with their own hands.  I think their favorites are the ornaments, Pjs and handmade certificates.  I usually put in a day out one on one with Parents or You pick dinner....the possibilities are endless!!!

What are some of your Favorite traditions to do with your Family during Christmas?  I'm getting together supplies now for Cinnamon Ornaments and Salt Dough Ornaments...we do these right after Thanksgiving.  And that will be here before you know it.....where does the time go??????

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