Not So Little RV Adventure ~ Part 2

Long story short.... we were able to get the RV serviced the following Tuesday and that night we headed out!  So we were only behind by 4 days.  We decided to quickly throw everything back in the RV we had taken out and head on out.  Yes, it was 10pm already, but we knew even if we could get a few hours between us and home would be better then waiting till the morning.  We were all just anxious and excited!!!!
Funny thing though we had never driven the RV at night.  So it was a little different...are the lights even on????  We felt kind of like packed sardines in a rattling can chugging down a dark road into Nevada.  Around 1 am or so we decided to pull over at a Cabela's for the night.  Besides the freeway traffic noise that we are not accustomed to sleeping with we all slept like babies. 

The next morning we headed out around 9 am... see we are not early risers at all!!!  And we headed straight to Salt Lake, UT.  I had plans to stay there over night and get a little sight seeing in, but because we were behind already we knew we were going to have to rush.  But, then we started to see what looked like snow on the ground.  What is this????  Salt....everywhere!  Lucky for us it captured Kaden's eye because since he had opened his eyes this morning he was asking over and over are we there yet?  Buddy, there is really no "there"....we are going to be gone for almost 9 weeks.  Yeah, that didn't really compute with him and 5 minutes later he would ask again. It only took a few days and an extensive run down and look through our loose itinerary for him to understand that there isn't really a "there".  But, today's "there" was going to be the salt flats and then an over night stay at the local Walmart!!


The Bonneville Salt Flats were on the other side of the highway, so we decided to pull over and explore at a look out area and hit the actual Bonneville Salt Flats on the way home.  We had a was so hot, it felt like our faces and backs were burning.  Not because of the temperature, but because the sun was blaring off of the white salt all around us.  Kaden enjoyed the sensory explosion hearing the salt crunch with every step and the texture all over his hands.  We had to keep a close eye on him, because he LOVES to rub things on his face that inevitably end up in his mouth.


Our Cross Country Shenanigans!! Part 1

On my other Blog I am doing a New Series of our RV Travels......and I wanted to share it on here too.  Check it out!

So, it's been a few months since we have been home now from our RV trip.  Our cross country experience was amazing.....I was blown away with America!!
While we traveled I journaled, took a ton of pictures and now I want to sit down and walk through it all with you.  I plan to share the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Extremely Ugly!!  I tried to post while we were on the road, but unfortunately with spotty internet connection, family adventures and mishaps I just didn't get it all posted.  Now I can take the time and redeem myself with sharing our Not so Little RV Adventure!!! Read More HERE


How We Meditate

Meditation has been apart of my life for three years now.  It came in around the time that I was dealing with some pretty intense Family and Health issues.  I remember the first few times I struggled with letting go and relaxing.  It was so unnatural for me to clear my mind, focus on myself and being present.  It was like I had this fear of being still in my own skin, what will happen when all the walls are down and I'm at one with the here and now? 
Well, I'll tell you....I found a calming peace and was able to let go of the tension I carried in my shoulders and base of my head.  I was able to focus on my breathing and clear my mind from anything that wasn't positive in my life.

In therapy I follow a guided meditation where she works with me on fears, anxiety and past experiences from my life.  At home I use a self guided approach where I concentrate on a few words from scripture and focus on my breathing.  And I also use an excellent app daily called Stop, Breathe and Think.  It's like Disney for me every time I open up my app.  I highly recommend it!  With this app you can do self guided or a directed meditation for many different things.  Connection with your body, Relaxation and Sleep, Breathing and many more.  

I've been asked when do I meditate?  I meditate every single evening no matter what.  This is where I focus on breathing, relaxation, clearing my mind and letting go of any yuckies before I close my peepers!  Once a week in therapy and here I not only practice breathing, but all my past junk.  It's like having a million boxes of junk and opening up one at a time.  Examining the contents and then putting it where it belongs.  And if it doesn't belong in my life then I chuck it out the door!! :)  Every single morning unless I'm running late or someone is throwing up I do a quick 6 minute meditation.  Here I read a scripture that I have found at some point during the week while Bible journaling.  I either pick a word or group of words and focus my energy on the meaning, on Healing, and God's will for the day for me.  It is so Energizing and gets me all jazzed for the day.  On top of that....a few times a week I will do a 6-10 minute meditation with Kaden to help him relax or work through a meltdown.  We try to get it in every day, but it doesn't always work out for us to do it.  
If you have any questions....just ask me and I'll share what I know and what has worked for us. 


December Update....

It has been so long since I have posted here....Sorry!  The month of December is so filled with projects, crafts and nights of hot chocolate, board games and Christmas movies.  Not to mention I have been sick...the whole house had it and I was the last.  I held on as long as I could!  HAHAHAHA
I hope everyone is having a Beautiful December Month....this is my Favorite Month!  Over the next few days I will share all that we have been doing.  

Blessings & Hugs


Goodbye Mr. Monday.....

I decided while on our RV trip that when I got back home I wouldn't be doing anymore Mondays.  I mean honestly who Likes Mondays?  So, I have decided that Mondays are going to be kind of like "warm up" days.  So, that I can gear up for the other 4 days and following weekend.  
My weekends look like this:  Big Family Breakfasts, Movie Marathons, Game Fests and a Mad Dash around the house picking up Messes.  So, on Mondays I used to drag around and beat myself up for not being productive enough.  Not, anymore!  I make sure that the important things are accomplished like feeding my Family and my Soul.  Then I make sure the kids Read, complete some sort of project or chore like Mahala just finished cleaning her bathroom from top to bottom.  And I make sure I'm organized and ready to go for the next 4 days of school and complete any phone calls, emails or assignments I'm working on.  

This change has given our Home a more relaxed atmosphere and I have found that we are so productive the rest of the week.  I enjoy lighting candles, listening to music and slowly move into full force on Tuesday.  Today I prepped my Bible Journal for December's Devotional Project, made about 5 phone calls, took care of some Blog/Social Media matters, painted, made a delicious pot of Kale and Turkey soup, washed clothes and read books with Kaden while noshing on blueberry scones and hot chocolate.   And tonight we will start on the Christmas tree....a Beautiful Monday!  How was your Monday, sending Happy Holiday Vibes out to everyone!!!


Tuesday Self-Talk ~ Gratitude

Gratitude, what does it really mean to be Grateful?  Gratitude is an act, a look, a warmth in our soul that seeps out of us when we have it.  It's like a contagious smile from a stranger.  It feels good and clears away the yucky mental fog of all the past days that might not have made our favorites list.  Sometimes we go through our days on autopilot not even giving our actions a second thought.  So, how do we keep that glow of Thankfulness?  

We make a decision....we wake up every morning and make the decision to be filled with Gratitude.  We vow to not let the little dark things build up into full on Demons.  We vow to be Seekers, I have been a Seeker my whole life.  Even when I was a little girl and lost my 2nd parent in just over a year I looked for Light, I was Thankful and had Unshakable Faith.  That act of being a Seeker has been what has kept me above the line many many times when I could have just slipped deeper into despair.  

I say all this because I do not have a rosy picture perfect life by any means.  But, I'm often reminded that even on the darkest night if you look up into the heavens you can see the twinkle of little stars that really aren't so little at all.  But, to us they look that way and with Faith we can Believe and know that those lights are way Bigger then any problem or person down here on Earth.  

Are you a Seeker?  Do you look for the good around you?  Do you see the value in choosing your Attitude?  I would Love to Hear your Stories of Gratitude!